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AGRICULTURE 4.0 Monitor your crops from anywhere and anytime because now everything is completely automatic. CONTACT US OUR PRODUCTS FIRST DIGITAL FARMING We provide the first irrigation and fertigation management WITH A BRAIN system to integrate real-time monitoring, smart analysis, and control - in one closed-loop, mobile platform. CONTACT US OUR PRODUCTS FOR EVERYONE From corporate farms to small holders, we have solution to fit the needs, budget and skills of all farmers. CONTACT US OUR PRODUCTS SMART IRRIGATION Follows your crop stages and gives real-time irrigation and fertigation recommendations. OUR PRODUCTS CONTACT US utilization for each specific land type and crop. SMART FERTIGATION the amount of water and fertilizer used, optimizing resource Based on nutrigation technology, the dosing system controls SMART GREENHOUSE

33 years experience
in closed irrigation

Established in 1984 in Jakarta, We provide closed irrigation equipment, spare parts, and irrigation system consultancy. PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa has been the pioneer in introducing a closed irrigation system to Indonesian farmers. PT Daya Santosa Rekayasa has been trusted in handling the governments’ and private enterprises’ projects across Indonesia.
Artificial Intelligence

Introducing NetBeat™ The First Irrigation System with A Brain. Take your irrigation to the next level with NetBeat™,

High Flow

An irrigation sprinkler is a device used to irrigate agricultural crops, lawns, and other areas. They are also used for cooling and for the control of airborne dust.

Smart Farming

Monitor and Control from One Central Location. Smart Farming system does more than open and close irrigation valves – it integrates all of your control features in one easy-to-use unit.


Smart greenhouses are bringing together conventional agricultural systems and new IoT technologies for complete visibility and automation. Smart greenhouses automatically

Smart Sensors

Get the right data, in real time. Monitoring all soil, weather, crop, environmental and hydraulic conditions, our sensors give you real-time updates on your field conditions.


Landscape irrigation is a watering system that is used to create and maintain lawns, gardens, and custom landscapes. The primary function of a landscape irrigation system is to ensure

Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation is a modern method of irrigation; by this method water is irrigated through drippers, sprinklers, foggers and by other emitters on surface or subsurface of the land.


Protect your investment with world-class filters built for superior irrigation performance, even under the harshest water conditions. Better filtration leads to better crop yields,


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Short About Us

We provide closed irrigation and agriculture automation equipment, spare parts, sensors, smart controllers and irrigation system consultancy. PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa has been the pioneer in introducing a closed irrigation system to Indonesian farmers. We commit to providing a suitable irrigation system for our partners and to better our product quality also our service.
We also serve the construction of a smart greenhouse with an integrated full automation system so that it fits the needs of your plants

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    Why Choose Us

    Starting in 1995 to the present PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa has successfully done various irrigation projects for governments, nationals, and multinationals companies.
    PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa provides high intenational quality closed irrigation system products. We have partnered with the international brands.
    PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa is ready to assist you in giving the best solutions for your water-efficient irrigation system, increasing plant growth, increasing efficiency on fertilizer using and company personnel.
    Irrigation Consultant

    we will provide solutions in irrigation systems based on soil type, crop type, and topography of your field

    Quality And Reliability

    PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa provides high intenational quality irrigation system products. The products that we install are long-term products and are able to provide maximum results for your farm

    After Sales Service

    We are ready to help you if there are problems in the operation of your irrigation system. We will provide a guarantee for every work we do

    According to Budget

    We will design an irrigation system that fits your budget and of course without compromising on quality

    We are your one stop solution for all of your irrigation system, for all farmers and all types of crops

    What Our Client Says

    Sejak 2014 sampai sekarang, Material kita untuk irigasi, UV Plastic untuk greenhouse, Irrigation & Fertigation Controller semua kita beli dari PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa. Sejauh ini servisnya bagus dan memuaskan jadi kita tidak mau ke supplier lain

    Nur Aini Agronomist PT. Dwi Cahya Tembakau

    PT. DSR adalah “One Stop Shop” jadi semua keperluan irigasi saya bisa tersedia. Dan yang paling penting adalah respon cepat PT. DSR ketika saya membutuhkan sesuatu dan respon yang cepat ketika saya butuh maintenance sistem Irigasi greenhouse tomat saya

    Prabu Owner PT. Farmindo Bumi Alam

    Our Partners & We are the Exclusive Distributor of