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About Us

Our History

PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa specializes in irrigation systems. It was established in 1989 in Jakarta. PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa provides irrigation systems products for plantation, greenhouse, and garden. Our Surabaya Marketing Office had supported our partners around East Java, Bali, Sulawesi, and Maluku up until 1997.

We provide closed irrigation equipment, spare parts, sensors, smart controllers and irrigation system consultancy. PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa has been the pioneer in introducing a closed irrigation system to Indonesian farmers. We commit to providing a suitable irrigation system for our partners and to better our product quality also our service.

PT. Data Santosa Rekayasa has a headquarter in Jakarta and has two branches in Surabaya and Bali. PT Daya Santosa Rekayasa has been trusted in handling the governments’ and private enterprises’ projects across Indonesia.

PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa is ready to assist you in smart farming 4.0, giving the best solutions for your water-efficient irrigation system, increasing plant growth, increasing efficiency on fertilizer using and company personnel. Therefore, farmers will be able to improve the quality and quantity of their products that will contribute to the county’s food sustainability.

We Provide All Solutions for Your Irrigation & Fertigation System

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Why Choose Us

Irrigation Consultant

we will provide solutions in irrigation systems based on soil type, crop type, and topography of your field

Quality And Reliability

PT. Daya Santosa Rekayasa provides high intenational quality irrigation system products. The products that we install are long-term products and are able to provide maximum results for your farm

After Sales Service

We are ready to help you if there are problems in the operation of your irrigation system. We will provide a guarantee for every work we do

According to Budget

We will design an irrigation system that fits your budget and of course without compromising on quality