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NetaJet 4G™

NetaJet 4G™

Precision You Never Thought Possible

Control freaks never had it so good. NetaJet 4G™ offers the highest level of precision fertigation in the industry. With its unique analog dosing valve ensuring exceptionally accurate, consistent EC/pH control, the NetaJet 4G™ produces incredible yields while conserving water, fertilizer and labor.

Why NetaJet 4G™?

  • Productive:Improves both crop yield and quality by ensuring precise EC and pH control
  • Uniform: The open-tank mixing chamber delivers nutrients in uniform quantities and ratios
  • Cost-efficient: Uses a single pump for mixing and injecting nutrients, minimizing energy consumption while conserving labor, water and fertilizer
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces levels of soil contamination
  • Stable: Smooth, stable hydraulic operation
  • Hassle-free: Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts
  • Fast: Quick attainment of EC/pH set point. Short stabilization time and Fertigation cycles.



  • Precise: Provides 8 highly accurate 50-600 l/hr (13-156 gal/hr) fertilizer/acid dosing channels
  • Comprehensive: Works with up to 8 dosing channel units and flow rates
  • Scalable: Scales to system flow rates from 5m3/hr to 400m3/hr and up to 8 bar pressure
  • Modular: The CE-compliant dosing system easily integrates with most third-party control and monitoring systems
  • Flexible: Accommodates a variety of system pumps, peripherals and accessories to meet a vast range of applications and infrastructure constraints
  • Widely applicable: covers all applications ranging from greenhouse in soil, to very intensive soilless media
  • Versatile: Flow capacity ranges from 0.1Ha to 10Ha