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CDN Fertigation

Essential in Hydroponic Crops, Precise and Reliable Dosage

We have designed a device for the most demanding crops, based on magnetic pumps with three-way valves and mixing tank, with the possibility of incorporating fertilizer flowmeters to allow you to measure the consumption and automatically adjust the dosage of each fertilizer tank.
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AllMix – Fertirrigation

  • 1. Fertilizer Mixing Tank – Specially designed to produce a homogeneous and quick mixing of the different fertilizers.
  • 2. Magnetic Pumps – They drive the fertilizer solution from each fertilizer tank to the mixing tank
  • 3. 3-Way Dosage Electrovalves – They Regulate the dosage of the different fertilizer in terms of the proportions established for each tank. As it is 3-way, it permits a return circuit to be maintained with the fertilizer tanks, considerably improving the functioning and precision of the dosage
  • 4. Fertilizer Flowmeters – High frequency flowmeters which consequently measure the fertilizer dosage volume of each tank with greater precision. They register the consumption in real time, and allow uas to automatically adjust the dosage
  • 5. pH Probe – Robust and reliable pH probe, working in line with pressure. Essential for a correct pH control via the acid dosage.
  • 6. EC Probe – Measures conductivity, with automatic temperature compensation. Robust and reliable, heavy duty
  • 8. Main Pump – Multi-stage vertical pump which drives the fertilizer solution. Made in AISI 316 steel. Is adjusted according to flows and Irrigation pressure.
  • 9. Fertigation Controller – Controls all the described elements, as well as other elements of the irrigation installation

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