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Netacap Probe

Accurate Measurement of Soil Moisture and Temperature at Multiple Depths

Interested In Knowing The Soil Moisture Content At Different Depths?

Soil moisture is an integral factor for scheduling irrigation for optimal yields. Too much or too little water can lead to sub-optimal yields. By monitoring changes in soil water content and temperature at different depths in your fields, you can schedule irrigation accordingly to gain optimal yields. Precise irrigation can also help you save on water, fertilizer, labor and energy costs.

How Does A Multi-Depth Soil Sensor Work?

The NetaCap probe is a multilevel soil moisture sensor that measures soil moisture content and temperature readings at up to 6 depths as well as surface temperature. It is fully integrated with NetBeat™, the first irrigation system with a brain.
The easy-to-install probe delivers a complete data package to the grower to improve irrigation planning and strategic decision-making. The readings are taken every hour but you can customize reading intervals.

Why Choose NetaCap Probe For Monitoring Soil Moisture?

Powered by Netbeat™, NetaCap probe gives accurate measurement of soil moisture and temperature at 6 depths in real-time helping you irrigate with precision.

  • Cost-efficient, high-level instrument
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ideal for all root zones with any soil type
  • High accuracy and reliability

Other Beneficial Features

Through continuous soil moisture content logging, you can prevent over and under watering your crops, promote proper root development and ultimately save costs.

  • Temperature compensation
  • Soil moisture and temperature data measurement from 6 depths
  • Ambient condition measurement via additional temperature sensor at top of probe
  • Continuous data collection via NetBeat™
  • Optimize salinity management

How To Install NetaCap Soil Moisture Sensor?

It is easy to install NetaCap probe on-surface and subsurface at 6 different depths. The probes are reliable in the field as the outer shell of the probe is made of UV stabilized PVC and the inner shell is a solid resin cast.