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Monitor and Control from One Central Location

The NMC Pro System Manager does more than open and close irrigation valves – it integrates all of your control features in one easy-to-use unit. From one central location, you can operate, monitor and maximize the performance of your irrigation system.
It’s an affordable system manager for growers with small or large operations. The flexibility and expandability of control outputs and inputs allows you to modify the system to accommodate growth. Advanced features like fertilizer and EC/pH control can be accessed if and when you want. It’s truly a system that grows with your needs.

The NMC Pro Does More Than Just Open and Close Valves

NMC-Pro System Manager is fundamental to achieving the most production with the least amount of labor. Reducing irrigation labor costs means your time can be spent on other farming activities. This system provides the control necessary to optimize irrigation efficiencies and fertilizer injection functions.
System expandability means the control system can grow based on the future needs of your operation. When combined with optional expansion cards and boxes, the NMC Pro System Manager can control up to 256 outputs and 54 inputs. Additiona loutput cards are easy and quick to install.
Irrigation Programs
Repeat and modify your irrigation schedules as needed-with up to 60 valve run time programs using time or volume based scheduling.
Irrigation Trigger Programs
Up to 15 external condition programs with programmable parameters for triggering irrigation events.
Pump Control Programs
Control multiple pumps, delay start or shut down times between pumps and valves.
Filter Flushing Programs
Schedules backflush programs eliminating the need for additional external backflush controllers.
Fertilizer and Nutrient Injection Programs
Arange of dosing options are available-bytime, quantity or proportional along with detailed alarm messages
Cooling Programs
Programmable parameters including set points for activating cooling systems.
Alarm Programs
A range of alarms protect the system by isolating the problem and providing event details.


  • Up to 256 Control Outputs
  • Up to 32 Digital Control Inputs
  • Up to 22 Analog Control Inputs
  • 15 Irrigation Programs
  • 8 Dosing Channels
  • Flushing up to 24 Filters
  • Cooling
  • Fertigation by Time ,Quantity, Proportional Time or Proportional Quantitys
  • History of Water and Fertigation Events
  • EC/pH Control
  • PC Communication

Features for Greenhouse Applications

  • Misting
  • Humidification

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