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Soil Probe


Optimize The Use of Water and Improve Your Crop Yields

  • Monitor – the evolution of the soil moisture and root activity at different levels. Measuring moisture, salinity and temperature
  • Optimize – water and fertilizer use, reducing the cost and improving yield and quality.
  • Easy to Install – without affecting the roots and soil moisture
  • The data are stored – in the web and we can monitor them from any device connected to INTA SOIL

Soil Probe GRPS

The probe data are sent by GPRS to the server. The data is downloaded quickly and easily with the probe management software. They can also be directly viewed from any Web browser, with our INTA SOIL system. Encapsulated module battery powered with an average life of 2 years, depending on the daily programmed downloads.

Soil Probe Automatic Irrigation

Integrating the soil probes with our Evo system we can automatically control the irrigation time, maintaining the optimum level of moisture at any time

Drill and Drop

  • 1. ALLMIX Injection System – Exclusive development injection system. Simple and Precise.
  • Encapsulated probe model, very easy to install.
  • 4 depth options (30, 60, 90 and 120 cm).
  • Fixed sensors every 10 cm.
  • 2 Models:
  • 1. Moisture + Temperature
  • 2. Moisture + Temperature + Salinity
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Capacitive technology.
  • 3 types of connection:
  • 1. GPRS mobile data card.
  • 2. Radio.
  • 3. Directly by cable to the fertigation machine.