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Streamline X

Streamline™ X

If you want optimal irrigation and fertigation for your seasonal vegetables or field crops, install the toughest thin wall drip line ever made without worrying about any cuts or leaks.
Streamline™ X, the extra tough drip line, comes with a unique ribbed surface that acts as a barrier between the ground and the pipe, making installation and retrieval smoother than ever before. This helps ensure higher yields and reduced labor costs.

Why Streamline™ X?

  • Maximum Protection: Exterior ribbed surface prevents against potential dripline damage during installation and retrieval.
  • Durable Dripper: Internal ribs minimize damage to dripper during installation.
  • Reliable and consistent performance: Dripper complies with ISO 9261, giving you unmatched performance and peace of mind.
  • Variety of flow rates covering a wide range of applications allowing flexibility in design.


  • Wall Thickness: 0.13, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20 mm (5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 mil)
  • Wide Range of Pipe Diameters: 12.0 to 22.0 mm range of pipe diameters
  • Variety of Flow Rates: 0.72 up to 2.8 l/h that can address any application

Product Sheets

Streamline X product sheet


Technical Information

Streamline X technical product sheet