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SYSINTA is the application which will allows you, the Client, to manage the fertigation and climate of your greenhouse in a simple and practical way. SYSINTA works with the main internet browsers, there is no installation requirement, just enable the browser of your choice, Chrome, Firefox or Safari, enter your user and password and start working from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Our system is configurable according to your needs, from the most basic, to the most complex of installations, you pay for what you use.

  • PROGRAMMING THE IRRIGATION AND CLIMATE PARAMETERS FROM ANYWHERE – From your office or anywhere with an internet connection, you can check and change the EC, the irrigation time, ventilation and temperature set points. In short, any of the installation’s irrigation or climate parameters.
  • MULTIPLE STANDARD, CUSTOMISED AND EXPORTABLE REPORTS – In addition to the multiple reports by default, we can plan customised reports, which you can receive daily by e-mail, or scheduled as you choose. Also, the reports are exportable to Excel, PDF or CSV.

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  • DIFFERENT ACCESS LEVELS PER USER TO PROGRAMMING – Certain users may only supervise the functioning, while others may change the operating parameters.
  • MONITORING THE RISK AND CLIMATE PARAMETERS IN REAL TIME – You can see what is happening at any time, in both the current irrigation and in the climate parameters and control devices, ventilation, screens and heating etc.


  • STANDARD AND CUSTOMISED CLIMATE AND IRRIGATION GRAPHS – Combining the parameters of the compartment that you wish to see, or manage the functioning of different devices. In addition, you c.
  • ALARM ALERTS IN YOUR E-MAIL OR TO YOUR MOBILE PHONE – The confidence of knowing that you will receive an alert by e-mail or SMS on your mobile phone should any incident occur in the system or during operation.

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